Sunday, February 16, 2014

The Ugly Truth within the Ugly face.

High school - “panahong pilit kang pinapapangit sa panahong pilit kang nagpapa-cute” –Bob Ong

Being in high school in the adolescence age is literally a taste of hell. This is the age when we force ourselves to look good but nature tells us, we can’t. Pimple will pop out of nowhere on the surface of the face and most of the time the pimple arise on places that are really noticeable as if the pimple is shouting “I am a Pimple!”

Ugly truth number 1: Being in adolescence is out of our control and it’s in the midst of time where those red humps on our face will appear without our permission. Acne will ruin everything about your face especially on dates you have prepared so much and excited about. As if wanting to ruin every important dates in your life, pimples will emerge on the day before your prom, on your birthday, or on the day your crush asks you for a date. The solution is to never touch your face no matter what happens even your life depends on it. It will just irritate the area, making your acne worse than it already is.

Ugly truth number 2: (for boys) growing your hair to just achieve that look you adore so much but the school doesn’t feel the same way is your dilemma for like, forever. That feeling you get when you have your haircut and you just want to kill the barber who did your hair is something that is not new to everyone. The teachers will praise your very neat hair but your friends will laugh at you. Dealing with it and suffering the style until it grows long enough for you to regain your confidence you lost the day you got your hair done. The solution is actually just sucking it up for it’s the school rules we are talking about here. No one wants to visit the Guidance office because of a long hair.

Ugly truth number 3: you love food, we all love food. The price we have to pay because of loving this is a heavy weight. Being fat is one of the ugly truths we never want to claim. No matter what happens, we don’t want to be called fat even if it’s more than the truth – to the point where you can actually be the new Heavy weight pound for Pound Champion because of your weight. This ugly truth actually implies to mostly female, for women are more conscious of their weight than men are. The solution is eating MORE. Eat more veggies and fruits that will help you lose those unwanted fats. Don’t just watch your diet, make it right!

Ugly truth number 4: we are all Filipinos. We have dark skin! But the mentality of Filipinos that when a person has a white skin, she/he is beautiful or handsome as hell is something we cannot change. This is what the society tells us and we are to gullible to define our own meaning of beauty. Having a dark skin is something you don’t need to be ashamed of. You don’t need to put too much foundation everyday to just show people you are beautiful. Having an even dark skin is better than a striped white skin – the face is fair but the neck is not, the arms are fair but the elbows are not and the legs are fair but the knees are black. The solution is to not give a damn to everyone who criticizes your colour. Sent that someone out of your country.

Ugly truth number 5: we are too overwhelmed of what the society tells about beauty to the extent that we consider ourselves the ugliest creature alive. We idolize too much to the point where you want to be someone else just to meet those wants. The solution is to believe that there is beauty within but don’t just let that beauty inside of you, let it out! Make efforts, for simplicity is not really in trend now. Be someone you can be proud of and accept the facts you can never change.

“Kahit na anong gwapo at ganda pa niyang crush ng bayan niyo ngayong taon, magmumukha rin yang pandesal pagdating ng panahon. Peksman yan!” – Bob Ong.

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