Sunday, February 16, 2014

#SELFIE-sh in Yolanda

Went to Starbucks:
RICH KID – uploaded one photo.
 POOR KID: uploaded 1 album”

There are two types of teenagers who go to Starbucks in the Philippines. The first kind were not specifically a rich kid but someone who drinks coffee from the well known coffee shop on a daily basis and the others who thinks Starbucks is a place where coffees and Fraps were worshiped and having their feet on that “holy place” is not something that happens every day so they have to take pictures – lots of selfies, with the “holy bottle” filled with “holy drink” beside their faces.

When Yolanda reached the Philippine area of responsibility, most of the people were in fear and terror – praying that they would still live for the next day. They were panicking and in search for security but while these people were worrying about their lives, some were holding their iPhones, taking selfies with their coffee brought from starbucks, with their lunch inside a restaurant and maybe even with their ice cream during the cold weather. While some selfless people post prayers for people in visayas through social networking sites, selfish people had the nerve to post foods they were eating and places they were in to relax.

These are the ones who think only of themselves and people who never thought that these simple acts show how less they care for their countrymen.  How inconsiderate people are is something you can never measure. This kind of post makes me fuming and it breaks my heart at the same time. This selfish action was ignored by most teenagers.

Sometimes we keep asking ourselves why. Why do the worst things, worst Storms or even the worst politicians were given to the Philippines – but we always end up with no answer. Is it such an honour to be visited by the strongest storm? - Or such a privilege to be the ones to welcome them into the world? No. Even if our country has been in this cycle for a very long time, it gets tiring to start all over again in a scratch. We sometimes think it’s unfair then ask ourselves the same whys again. It’s a never ending road to Calvary.

The Philippines is such a courageous country after all these afflictions bestowed upon us. When we look back, all the pain and misery were surpassed and we all can see Filipinos smiling with all their teeth showing, from ear to ear. Isn’t it such beautiful scenery? Then maybe Yolanda has really brought something good to us. It showed how people can work together as one for one mission and revealed how strong the Filipino people’s power even if it took great amounts of lives to realize this.

Went to a relief operating centre:
RICH KID and POOR KID uploaded “Selfies” together with the relief goods:

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