Saturday, February 15, 2014

The agony in the white throne

Keep calm and focus on not pooping. 

It’s hard to command your poop to not go out for it’s not the right time and you are in the wrong place because the poop is not really the most cooperative thing in the world especially when it feels to get some fresh air and dip into the water. When it needs to go out, it needs to go out.

They say that home is where you can poop most comfortably so, if the school is our second home, should our comfort rooms in our school be the second most comfortable restroom there is? Yes it should be but being born poor is something that is out of our control so as going to a public school where some students still don’t know the existence of a flush. For those who doesn’t know what a flush is, it’s the silver thing you push down for the water to clean the bowl- the modernized way of putting water to the toilet with the use of a “tabo”

Students in Public schools face this kind of problem when they need to take of their loads inside their tummy or the bladder. The room as a whole is not the most pleasant place you want to see and smell like a rotten Victoria secret perfume – if that ever happens. The white throne or the toilet bowl is not something you want to sit on and the door is not really something you would call a door. So instead of going inside, you would actually consider to just wait until you got home to be comforted in the right comfort room.

One Saturday on our MTAP session, a private school came to our school and carry out their session there. Their teacher asked me where the comfort room is so I pointed where the closest is in our place. He then smiled and asked where a clean comfort room is and I couldn’t answer because I don’t have one. He said that comfort rooms in our school were much cleaner at his time and the reason why he is asking for a much cleaner comfort room or at least a decent one is because his students complained about not being used to 
these kinds of restrooms for they have a comfort room that is actually comfortable.

Having a clean comfort room is actually a necessity in every school whether it may be a public school or a private one. Clean C.R. affects our habits in studying and our personal hygiene. If given this kind of rest room, we can actually say that it improved our way of living inside our schools.

My mom once told me that comfort rooms usually reflects what kind of people who stays and lives inside a house are. That is why she always wants our bathroom clean. If so, comforts rooms in buildings and schools reflects what kinds of employees and students are in that specific place.

The need to fix our rest rooms should be a priority and the students should not let the dirty throne and the smelly kingdom be a reflection of their personality and define who they are. Students should treat the comfort rooms in schools like their own in their home. The school is their second home anyway.

When the poop needs to go out, so be it. The agony of letting the poop out in the smelly kingdom and the dirty throne is easier than the embarrassment of pooping in the classroom with your classmates, while the teacher is discussing. 

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