Saturday, February 15, 2014

Surviving hell with the Angels

The best days in school are the first and the last ones. The worst days of school are every last week of the quarter.

Everyone complains, no one does nothing. We are all in the same game, just different levels and Dealing with the same hell just different devils. It’s not just the same shit, different day kind of thing for all the proctors and teachers have reached the level where they escalated from being the angel to the ruthless devil. Like how Satan was first 

an Angel.

We have reached the hell week of the quarter. What makes the matter worse? It’s just the first wave.

My sister once said that among the four years of high school, the last one is the best. “petiks lang” she said and I was the girl too gullible to ask why, so I was excited to leave third year high school and face the easy world of being a senior.

Little did I know that what actually awaits me is a taste of hell of a different planet and being in the cream section, everyone expects you to do not just good but better than the rest. Teachers talks about honours and diplomas for a day or two and the ones interested in those kinds of discussions are the crocodiles who fishes for compliments and achievements believing it designs who they are and will lead them to a sure success for their future. These things won’t actually matter for the next few years of our life because no matter how hard we try to do something remarkable that would actually change the world; there will come a time when everyone forgets about you.

As days go by, like playing candy crush, things will be harder and more troublesome. Chocolates will ruin everything and candy bombs won’t crush itself. Giving reports to every student and demanding them to explain it to the whole class just like asking these students to do their jobs but obeying them anyway. Once it’s done and actually feel it’s the end of all the suffering, we praise the Lord.

Then the last week of the quarter came, we curse once again and harder this time. Projects are given everywhere and deadlines are scheduled on same date. Who would have thought that teachers don’t just talk about gossips and salary increase but also making students cram and make their lives miserable for the whole week? Who would but the students who abhor studying.

At this time of the month where everything goes against your plan because doing all the projects that will eventually end up in the trash is not the only thing that students will worry about but also the periodical exams. And what’s more important from periodical exams is the entrance exam seniors have to take to be an “iskolar ng bayan”, the UPCAT.

At this point of the senior’s life, we may curse everything that makes life difficult for us but later in life, when we finally graduate, we will realize that it was easier to be a senior than working or being a college student. Because one way or another, we will say the same thing about senior year being the best.

The best days may be the first and last because it’s the easiest but the best memories are kept in the middle.

<3 gen

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